(Node|Angular|Myself) Intro

Lately I started to work with node.js and Angular.js in two different projects that are in different development stages. This blog is going to be full with many adventures that I'm going through while learning, kind of a journey diary, only with interesting stuff.

A little about myself: Noam Shemesh, 26, living in Tel Aviv. Between the parties, I'm catching up with the current pulse of the start-up nation.

To the javascript business: I've been over many articles and videos related to node.js and Angular.js, and I thought it would be nice to save some search/watch time to other people.

The lists are ordered from the must see/read to the nice to see/read. The lists will be small, there is no reason to put here items that I didn't read.


  1. MUST see, Ryan Dahl amazing performance
  2. Tutorials 1-5 in nodetuts.com
  3. I'm pretty sure no one is using node bare, take a look at express. Many great examples
  4. All of these are powerful tutorials and videos, but I know that our Now Generation wants only to consume code, so you can use yeoman library to use the greatest and latest libraries in JS/Node/Angular. It will save you days of boilerplating.
  5. mongoose is cool for mongodb users
  6. If you need to implement some kind of authorization, try passport, there is also a connector to almost every credentials provider.
  7. https://blog.udemy.com/node-js-tutorial/


  1. Great video tutorials egghead.io
  2. For the text guys, there are some good tutorials in angular site itself
  3. Some eyes candies in angular portfolio

Other JS Libraries

  1. underscore - useful what-you-need library
  2. mocha, chai and sinon for testing
  3. jade as an html replacement

Please comment if you know about other good sources.